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Nonwoven Carding Machine

Nonwoven Carding Machine

Double Cylinder Double Doffer nonwoven Carding Machine Function: Carding the fiber bundles into a thin web or layer after the opening and blending for the next process to use. Description: Mechanical form for the uplink half-week roller test method. Mechanical structure: feeding system,...

Products Specifications:

Double Cylinder Double Doffer nonwoven Carding Machine

Function: The double cylinder carding machine mainly disperses the cotton layer of the previous process in a single fiber state, and outputs the cotton with uniform width to the laying machine.

Description: The machine adopts double cylinder combing, double doffer messy cotton output, and double roller stripping cotton, with strong combing ability and high output. All the cylinders of the machine are tempered, qualitatively processed and then precision machined. This machine has a wide processing range, one-time forming, labor saving, low noise, high precision of cotton output, and low power consumption. It adopts a fully enclosed structure with a dust-attaching device, which is more environmentally friendly and safer and more convenient to use. It can process new and old cotton, all kinds of wool, chemical fiber cotton, new and old wool.

Width: 1550mm, 1850mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2300mm, 2500mm

Installed power: 20kw~60kw

Specifications of card clothe: alloy polishing card cloth, self-locking card cloth, polishing card cloth, Stripes card clothe. It also can be customized

Specifications of fiber: 1.1~15D*25-76

Applicable fiber: polyester, viscose, nylon, polypropylene(pp), glass fiber, Recycle PET, coconut fiber, PTFE, etc.






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